Monday, April 9, 2012

One Week In

Well, I was assuming that my first report of stay-at-home-mom-ing would be full of all sorts of great experiences now that my daughter and I can have endless quality time together. Boy was I wrong! My little one had different ideas...

About a week before I left work she suddenly started napping wonderfully in her crib for about 4 hours a day. A glorious thing since previously we had only known a 30-minute cat nap here and there. So with the knowledge that routines are power for babies, I tried to continue this.

She wasn’t having it, and we know who’s boss. I think Bugga took about 2 hours of naps ALL WEEK my first week on the job. Which all you in-the-know parents realize makes for a nice family nightmare of crying and crankiness – from both of us. Somehow she still slept pretty well at night, so I should consider myself lucky (which I do everyday, but I digress...).

So lessons learned Week One: We don’t have to wean from the pacifier just yet, naps in the bouncer are perfectly acceptable, and a perfectly-timed errand that allows for car seat napping is not (yet) a crutch for baby sleep.

Oh, and incidentally, Bugga decided to roll over back to front on Friday evening – perfectly timed for me to still feel successful for the week, and Daddy was home from work to see it.

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