Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why I Craft

Do you remember those random tests you took throughout high school to try to help you decide on the career you were destined for? I remember taking the one that told you if you were left-brained (logical, analytical) or right-brained (creative, musical). Well, I scored smack in the middle.

I am an engineer, which satisfied my left-brained-ness (my what?), but maybe because I spent so much of my education on that side, my creative side is always bursting to get out. I have found that even as an adult, I am in need of a creative outlet on an almost-daily basis. I typically have at least 2-3 projects on my plate to keep my right brain stimulated and satisfied. And being a mom is the perfect way to justify this need.

So, why do we craft? There are probably MILLIONS of crafty blogs out on the internet now. Apparently a lot of people feel like me for one reason or another. Here are MY reasons:

1.) It's cost efficient. This is where it began after I started living on my own after college and wanted to find a way to decorate on a budget. I started with sewing everything from clothes to curtains, creating my own holiday decorations, etc. It was fun to put my personal touch on things.

2.) I know what I want. I'm that girl who can speed shop through a department store because I know exactly the style and color of the item I am looking for, so I can quickly find it if it is there (or not). I took this to a new level with my wedding. Sure, I wanted to save money (and weddings are ex. pen.sive.), but in the end, I got exactly what I wanted, and I know if I had to pay for what I ended up with, the costs would have been seriously elevated. Here are some things I designed and made all by myself for the Big Day (and if you've been through planning a wedding, you know how big of a deal it is to add this to the planning plate):
I might have gone overboard, but I loved doing it all! From the top left, my custom designs included water bottle labels, sand dollar seating "card" magnets, family seating signs, menus, flip-flop favor labels, monogrammed centerpieces, (more) water bottle labels, ceremony programs, and favor tins with labels. 
These items went into the hotel bags. I designed Welcome Cards, bottle labels (those AREN'T regular Coke/DC labels!), and snack bag labels.
And if I did all that other stuff, you have to assume I did the invitations. Everything from the Directions card to the stamps.
3.) It's therapeutic. I often hear about Knitters. You know who you are. I might get there someday, but for now, my relaxation is in my crafting. A paintbrush, a glue gun, GLITTER...these things totally hit my Happy.

And lately, I have a FOURTH reason!

4.) Holy Canada. Now that we are living in Canada, if I get a decor idea in my head and I even ponder the thought of just buying it from somewhere, it pretty much has to come from the States as just about everything is imported up here. Which means so much more money is wasted on shipping, customs fees, taxes...not to mention it takes a riDICulous amount of time to ship anything here, assuming one of the few delivery services deliver the package to the right house (we've already had a LOT of issues after just being here two months). So the next best thing? MAKE IT!!!

What's your reason?

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