Saturday, April 14, 2012

Over the River and Thru the Woods

Neither my parents nor my husband’s live anywhere near us, though we have already recognized that we all of a sudden are seeing them much more frequently now that we have added a grandchild to the mix. Along with that is my personal realization that I’m not really there anymore – what people want to see is the baby. (And how can I blame them? She IS pretty cute.)

So though we still have to plan trips to the grandparents’ houses very carefully so we can mirror all the comforts of home for the baby without having to rent a U-haul, and I have to prepare myself to hand her over immediately, reducing my time with my child, I suppose there are some new benefits.

I just realized that over the 4-day trip, I actually SHOWERED EVERY DAY. This is sadly a very big deal. But with someone watching Bugga when normally it would just be me, it was a nice perk.

And yes, this baby is my new – and BEST – accessory. She is a blast to show off, what with her easy smiles and gurgles, purple and pink girly outfits, and even that pouty bottom lip that shows up when she’s upset at something.

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