Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here We Go!

Welcome to my new adventure! I just quit my job last week after 5 challenging weeks back at the office after maternity leave. My reason is probably obvious. My goal? To master this parenting thing and give my daughter everything I can, while selfishly being able to be there to be a part of all her Firsts. I never expected I'd choose this path, but that 23 inches of smiles and giggles has changed everything else about our life - why not this too?

As much as it is a time for me to teach her everything she can handle, I am fully aware that I am sure to learn JUST as much.So that is what this blog is for...a journal of how we spend our days, which I am sure will be peppered with tear-fests (from both of us), lazy days, parenting mistakes, recipes and crafts, field trips, playdates and who knows what else!

Feel free to follow along - I might need some advice from time to time. And maybe I'll be able to help you out too! Thanks for reading!

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