Monday, January 21, 2013

Activity: Muffin Tin & Plastic Eggs

I am finally getting back into the swing of things with regards to finding new activities to do with Bugga between naps during the day. 

I have been pouring over ideas I keep finding online, and found one similar to the one below that used plastic balls instead of easter eggs on Kids Activities Blog. I had more eggs on hand, and my 13-month-old has shown quite an interest in the plastic eggs we have brought out for play in the past, so this worked for us!

All you need is a muffin tin and enough plastic eggs to fill each of the muffin holes. We used 12 for our games, and it was great to practice counting, matching the colors (I had 6 pairs, so that worked out well), taking them in and out of their spots, and opening and closing the eggs. 

I will definitely pull these out each day this week, and remember to come back to this one when we get closer to Easter so I can tie in the decor I imagine I'll have around the house in March and April. 

Maybe she'll come back around to eating eggs by then too. A mom can dream!

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  1. I wanted to add to this post that we have continuously been taking out these eggs to play and Bugga finds new enjoyment every time.

    Lately she will hand me an egg, do the sign for "please" wanting me to take them apart, and then lights up when they are separated. It is fun to mix and match the colors and put them back together, or play matching games to make sure the colors are the same.