Saturday, February 1, 2014

Project: Personalized Alphabet Book

If you've read a couple other posts, you know I am trying to expose Bugga to the alphabet as much as possible. Right before her 2nd birthday I thought it would be a great occasion to gift her with her very own Alphabet Book! Since I knew she loved her books so much and read them over and over, combined with knowing that she loves looking at our pictures of her on our phones, an Alphabet book using pictures of HER would be perfect.

I used, which is my go-to company for making photo books. You can pretty much set the layout to ANY design you want, versus the other companies that have very rigid templates that I used to get so frustrated with.

Some examples I saw online used just one word for each letter, but I noticed Bugga latching on to that one example and not letting go. (For example, "H is for Horse" is what she calls "H".) Therefore, I used several examples wherever I could (there are some very difficult letters to find photos for) so she knew that MANY words started with that letter.

Here is an example of 4 of our pages from the book:

To help you out, here are the words we used for each letter:

A - Airplane, Art, Asleep
B - Ball, Beans, Beam, Bath, Bunnies, Bucket, Beach
C - Chicks,Climb, Cuddle, Crying
D - Dig, Dress, Dog
E - Eggs, Eye, Elephant
F - Family, Fingers
G - Giraffe
H - Hat, Helmet, Hiking, Horse, Happy
I - Ice
J - Jeans
K - Kicking, Kiss, Kitchen, Kitty
L - Laugh, Letters
M - Messy, Mommy, Mirror, Motorcycle
N - Naptime, Nose
O - Ocean
P - Phone, Play, Puzzle
Q - Quack
R - Read, Relax, Ring
S - Shoes, Slide, Stripes, Sunglasses
T - Toes, Tongue, Toys, Tunnel, Tutu
U - Up
V - Valentine
W - Water, Window, Watermelon
X - Xylophone
Y - Yogurt
Z - Zipper

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