Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Project: Canvas Wall Display

I am making some pretty decent progress on Bugga's Toddler Room! (Check out where I started for her room inspiration.) I am very excited with each component I have completed so far. Today, I'm going to give a sneak-peek on the Canvas Art I will be displaying on one of her walls.

Here it is!

I painted four 12"x12" canvases in the room's main colors, and then decorated accordingly:

1.) A rhinestone monogram on white & purple stripes
3.) A pink felt Minnie Mouse (Bugga's a TAD obsessed with Minnie Mouse) head on purple with white polka dots
4.) A rhinestone star (after all, Bugga loves stars AND was born in Texas!) on white & purple stripes

I'm hoping to hang them this weekend, and then I can figure out where I want to hang the flower balls I made to match!

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