Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Project: Chevron Canvas

I recently posted what I am using as inspiration for Bugga's toddler room. Since then, I have been busy with various projects, which I will start sharing with the internet world. To start things off, I am working on a set of painted canvas pieces for Bugga's wall. The first one is a Flower on a Chevron Canvas, and I love how it turned out:

Below I will share how I created the Chevron Canvas, and in a separate post I will detail how to create the flower.

Chevron Canvas

There are several ways to get a chevron pattern onto a canvas. If you can find a piece of fabric that already has the pattern on it, you can simply staple that around your canvas and be done with it. If you go the painting route (which I did), you also have to choose to use painter's tape, or freehand it. Personally, I knew I would get frustrated with the tape, so instead I used a flat-edged foam brush to make the lines straight.

Materials Needed:

  • Blank white canvas
  • Acrylic Paint in desired colors
  • Pencil with white eraser
  • Ruler
  1. Determine how wide you want your stripes to be, and balance that with the dimensions of your canvas. For example, I wanted 1" wide stripes. My canvas was 12"x12" so it was pretty straightforward.
  2. Measure along each side of the canvas, making marks for the width of your stripes. Make your pencil marks lightly so that they can be erased as needed later. Then connect your marks across to the opposite side of the canvas, resulting in a checkerboard pattern.
  3. Connect the corners of the checkerboard squares to create your chevron pattern. Erase the pencil marks within the chevron stripes as well as possible.
  4. Paint your stripes. The foam brush with the flat edge will make it easier to create a sharp line. If you are using more than one color, I recommend painting with one at a time, letting the paint dry between colors. **There is a chance you might run into the same problem I did: I wasn't planning on painting the white stripes, but my pencil marks were stubborn, so I had to do some white paint touch-ups.**

Now add a gorgeous flower to your canvas!

Also, see the full set of DIY canvas art I made for my toddler's new room!

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