Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things People Say

When you are pregnant, you get the full gamut of surprisingly inappropriate comments from strangers, let alone people you work with, are friends with, and are even related to. Especially when you TELL them you are pregnant. I have heard the most infamous from other people, the ever-cringe-worthy "Was this planned?"...I mean really! My response to that would be, "Nope, can I borrow some money for diapers?" or something along those lines. I'll let you know if I hear that one.

My personal winner for what I hate to hear once I announce my pregnancy at the 3 month mark? "Oh, I KNEW IT!" You did? Really? Then I'm so glad I was stressing out for the past few months trying to keep this on the D.L. just in case we had a miscarriage and wouldn't have to tell you the bad news. I'm SO GLAD you watch the little details of my life so closely that every little movement I make is potential gossip fodder for you and your manicurist.

Yes, I have someone in my life who did this to me this time around. And it bothered me to no end because I knew this was going to be the first thing they said way before I even announced, primarily because of the gossip going around behind my back with other mutual acquaintances. So now I'm not thrilled about this person being a part of my good news, when they otherwise should have been. Grr. Yes, this deserves a growl.

What annoying things have you heard from others while pregnant?

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