Friday, December 6, 2013

Project: No-Sew Toddler Quiet Book Page Idea - Grocery Shopping

Quiet Books for Toddlers are truly genius ideas and are sure to be well worth your time! I created a no-sew version for my daughter that you can find here. Below is one of my page ideas. For other ideas, scroll to the list at the bottom of the post!

Grocery Shopping Page

This one just came to me when I was brainstorming ideas for pages my daughter would like. She is my Grocery Shopping Assistant, and she loves to play with all the fruits and vegetables in her play kitchen. I made it so you can still see the items when they are in the grocery cart (like in real life). I ended up using Velcro for holding down the cart, which turned out to be a good idea - it is easier to get the items out of the cart by just removing the cart itself.

Other Quiet Book Page Ideas:

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